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Movement is key

As with anything in life we as humans seek to derive as much pleasure as possible from our day to day commutes as a means to fulfill a happy life. It’s the reason we get up in the morning with vigor when we have a day which is full of promise and adventure. As opposed to the drag from our sheets we experience whenever we know our day may involve some form of mindless labor which fails to stimulate our brains leaving us feeling unrewarded and unmotivated. In a culture that derives most entertainment through some form of visual stimulation are we losing the abilities of other functions?

This is a common issue within our working life and unfortunately seems to be the standard when it comes to working out whether at the gym or at home. Often I see workout routines which offer little in the way of challenges on a neurological level. Mindlessly lifting dumbells of a stationary bench or hitting resistance machines with a predisposed movement pattern may help stimulate some form of muscle growth but is it really going to stimulate the “main muscle”(the brain) ultimately the most powerful tool to our development.

Just like reading a book learning new movement patterns though exercise simulates the brain by making new neural connections as your nervous system fires of electrical signals faster and faster, overtime making these signals sharper and more efficient. This will literally improve all nervous system, neural function, and motor coordination. Translated that means your reflexes, agility, balance, and ability to move your body will all improve.

I understand the need for aesthetic gains in our world of constant focus and looking good may come before feeling good for most people but if you can integrate learning new exercises into your programme, whilst still maintaining intensity you will reap the rewards on both brain and body creating a finely tuned aesthetically pleasing individual which not only feels great but also finds stimulation through his gym/homework outs.
For me, this is always a key factor in any of my programmes. As an individual who has dedicated there life to the fitness industry I live, eat and sleep fitness and performance of not only the body but also the mind. I know every time I workout I will work on developing exercises plus learn new movement’s whilst appropriately stressing the body to seek out optimization of not only my own abilities but to gain the skills to pass it on to you as a coach. To enhance the everyday quality of the life I live and yours.