Personal Training with Henry Janson


  • 1 to 1 training
  • Group training (2 up to 6 people)

Experienced level 4 qualified strength and conditioning coach with expertise in health and nutrition as well as body fat loss. Working with Henry will significantly improve:

  • cardiovascular function
  • V02 max
  • muscular endurance
  • muscle to fat ratio
  •  mental well-being and self-confidence
  • Strength and power
  •  cognitive function

Training modalities include:

  • Functional training
  • Olympic lifting
  • Aerobic/anaerobic conditioning
  • Interval training
  •  kettlebell training 
  • Strength training
  •  bodyweight/mobility training
  •  rehabilitation
  •  boxing/kickboxing technique and conditioning

Nutritional guidance: Also offering a unique Tailor made nutritional plan to compliment your workout regime and optimise your health. Although having a well-structured plan I’m the gym is important equally as essential is your diet outside of the gym. Enjoy a meal plan engineered to accelerate your metabolism and kick start your body’s fat burning machinery helping you get lean fast and feel great in the process. Some of the benefits of Henry’s nutritional plans include;

  • heightened energy and productivity
  • better mental alertness and concentration
  • stronger immune system
  • faster recovery from exercise 
  • elevated mood

Monthly measurements and goal setting:
Highly accurate body fat% tests and B.M.I (body mass index) tests held once a month accompanied by goal and target settings to ensure you hit those numbers that give you the motivation to reach those lofty targets.
So what are you waiting for? Please call Henry now for a quote.